Pearl millet dosa/Bajra Dosa

Bajra Dosa

Dish Name : Bajra Dosa/ Pearl millet dosa

Perl millet/bajra is a most grown type of millet. Thid tiny little ingredient is packed with nutrients, protein, iron, high on fiber and gluten free. It has many benefits to the health if to be consumed in regular diet.
I am fond of south Indian food much so that to satisfy my craving by keeping the nutrition value in mind, I have prepared this dosa in which Perl millet is used to prepare the batter. This tastes delicious.
And who doesn’t want to take the health benefit by not compromising with the taste. The best part I like about South Indian cuisine that variety of chutnies and condiments served alongwith main dish.
I like south Indian food so much that I can consume it in breakfast, lunch or dinner.. anytime.

Ingredients :
1+1/2 cup Pearl millet

1+1/2 cup boiled rice

1 cup urad dal

To taste salt

1 tbsp ghee

Condiments -Dosa bhaji, sambhar and chutney to be served with dosa


Wash Pearl millet, boiled rice, and urad dal in water thoroughly.

Soak them separately in water for at least for 7-8 hours.

Remove the extra water and transfer it to a mixer jar and grind it to a batter.

Leave it overnight on kitchen counter to ferment. Next morning it will be fermented and ready for use.

On a hot tawa, spread the ladle full of batter. Let it cook till it become crispy and got nice golden colour. Apply little amount of ghee on edges while it is getting cooked. Prepare all the dosas in similar way.

Serve this healthy dosa with sambar, chutney and dosa bhaji.


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