Moong daal ladoo

An Indian sweet which is prepared using yellow lentils. Moong daal ladoo is one of the easy to prepare ladoo recipes. If you are a person who has sweet tooth, you will surely like this recipe.

Moong daal ladoo


2 cups Yellow moong daal

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup melted ghee


Grind the sugar into powder.

Take a moong daal to a thick bottom kadahi. Dry roast it on a low flame till it changes a colour.

Also grind the moong daal into powder using mixer jar.

Sieve the daal powder to get the fine consistency. Also sieve the sugar. Transfer remaining coarse moong daal and sugar to a mixer jar and grind it again which can be sieved and added to the above batch.

Add melted ghee into it and mix properly. Now try forming a ladoo. Prepare all the ladoo in similar way.


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