Kheer is an Indian sweet dish which is mostly served alongwith main course as a meetha. Undoubtedly, you can have it as a dessert, after lunch and dinner as well. I bet you will come back for more. The main ingredients used in preparation is milk, rice and sugar and ofcourse dry fruits of your choice.



1 ltr full fat milk

50 gram rice

1 cup sugar

8-9 almonds

5-6 cardemon

10-12 cashew nuts

Pinch of nutmeg powder

8-18 raisins


Wash thoroughly and then soak rice into sufficient water for atleast 30 minutes.

In a thik bottomed vessel, keep the milk to boil.

Once it starts boiling and you see bubbles are framing, add that soaked rice into it.

Let the rice get cooked completely into milk. Keep stirring meanwhile so that it should not stick to the bottom of the vessel. You can also add teaspoon of ghee to prevent the rice from sticking to the bottom of the vessel.

Soak almonds in water for one hour. Then remove it from water and make thin slices of it.

Once rice is cooked nicely, add dry fruits, cardemon powder and nutmeg powder to it and mix well.

Let it cool down to room temperature. Kheer is ready to serve


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