Sweet Potato Roasty

Sweet Potato Roasty

New Post Alert : Sweet Potato Roasty.

Today it’s last Monday of Shravan. And everyone in my home is keeping fast. So have made this for a meal. The main ingredients of this dish is sweet potato and rajgira aata. Both of these are healthy ingredients.

This can be consumed during fast. This is a tasty and healthy recipe which can be prepared quickly with few ingredients.

Here is the recipe.
2-Sweet potato
1/4 bowl-Rajgira flour
1 tsp-Ginger paste
2-Green chilli
handful of Coriander leaves
To taste-Salt

🍽️ grate the sweet potato using grater.
🍽️Mix in it àmaranth flour, salt, chopped green chillies and coriander leaves, ginger paste. Prepare batter by adding little amount of water.
🍽️spread the batter on a non-stick pan. prepare small roasty by applying little oil. Let it get cooked from one side. Then turnover it and let it get cooked from other side too.
🍽️Serve it with green chutney or deep of your choice.
Note:You can adjust the quantity of rajgira aata as per your choice.


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